Baggage and Luggage Travel Hacks

A few traveling hacks that makes difference when traveling with a baggage:

Always take off old stickers and tags

Someone might read the wrong tag and send it to the wrong carrier. If this happens, while you will get your bag rushed on the next available flight, it’s probably not going to be there when you get there.

Your bag tag will come with three ‘bingo’ stickers

A good check-in agent will make sure one of them is on the bag itself, if not put one on there. When I fly I always keep one myself, so if the worst happens I have the exact details for tracking the bag. The other is for the throwers to use.

Know what your bag looks like

Know the exact colour of it. Put something distinctive on it like a ribbon. Know what type of bag it is and the brand name. Try to have a bag that isn’t black. 99.9999999999% of bags we had to track were “black suitcases”. If it’s blue, don’t tell us it’s black. If it’s grey, don’t tell us it’s black. If it’s red, don’t tell us it’s black (this happens). “It’s a dark blue Samonsite hard case with a pink ribbon on the handle” gets you your bag as soon as we see it. “I dunno, it’s a black…bag?” means you’re waiting.

Carry on yourself

For the love of everything holy if you need something to survive keep it in your carry-on. The amount of times people put medication in their checked luggage and hope for the best makes me despair for the future of humanity.

Have your name and phone number/email somewhere in the bag

When all else fails we look inside the bags for a way of identifying the owner. We get a lot of bags back home just by ringing a number we found in the case.

Check in on time.

Check in opens three hours before the flight for a reason. It takes time for your bag to go through the tubes, get security screened, find the right place and get loaded on a plane. If we’re at -30 to wheels up and we don’t have your bag yet it becomes a simple numbers game, there’s 200 people on that flight that got their bags in early, we’re not delaying all of them because you rocked up late.

Baggage agents are real human people.

We know it sucks for you to not have your luggage. We empathise, we actually want to get your bag to you as soon as possible. So help us help you and follow these tips and even if the worst happens and your bag isn’t on the same flight you are, we’re moving heaven and earth to get it there on the next flight.

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